Apple Music Reported as Second Most Used Music Streaming Service Behind Spotify

Apple Music is reportedly the second most used music streaming service on the market. As Apple has been continuously working toward growing its subscriber base, it still falls short of beating the goliath that is Spotify.

This week, a new report by Midia Research surfaced, giving us a look at how much of Apple Music’s subscribers make up the total global streaming service listeners. According to the report, Apple Music makes up 15-percent of the total. The report takes data collected during Q2 2021 and while its 15-percent is fairly substantial for the market, Spotify is still ahead with a hefty lead.

By comparison, Spotify holds a dominant share of the market with a resounding 31-percent. With more than double the subscriber base of Apple Music, Spotify finds itself as the leader in the space. Trailing behind Apple Music are both Amazon Music and Tencent Music, which both hold 13-percent. YouTube Music also made the cut with 8-percent.

“Spotify remains the DSP with the highest market share (31%), but this was down from 33% in Q2 2020 and 34% in Q2 2019. With Apple Music being a distant second with 15% market share, and Spotify adding more subscribers in the 12 months leading up to Q2 2021 than any other single DSP, there is no risk of Spotify losing its leading position anytime soon – but the erosion of its share is steady and persistent.”

Interestingly enough, as Midia Research notes, Amazon Music outperformed Spotify in terms of growth. Where Spotify took a dip from 33-percent from the year prior, Amazon Music grew by 25-percent of its total in 2020.

It’s important to note that the data presented only offers a look at total subscribers and not revenue brought in by each company. Therefore, one company’s revenue may not be higher than the next as the report does not reflect where subscribers are using family plans or special bundles like the Apple One subscription.

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