Sony Partner Studio Deviation Games Expanding With New Canadian Studio

Deviation Games, a fairly new studio led by former Call of Duty developers, is planning to expand into Canada with a new studio. According to a LinkedIn post, first spotted by Push Square, the studio will be called Deviation Games Canada and is attracting new talent.

In June 2021, Deviation Games CEO Dave Anthony announced that it would be working closely with Sony on a brand new game for PlayStation 5. At the time, the Los Angeles-based development house did not want to divulge many details on the project other than development was underway and that it was based on an original IP.

As production carries on, it appears as though Deviation Games is looking to expand and recruit additional staffing. As written in the LinkedIn post, quietly announcing Deviation Games Canada, the studio states:

Deviation Games is THRILLED to announce Deviation Games Canada!! We’ve been working on this initiative for several months now (and keeping it super quiet BTW), so it’s really exciting to finally share this incredible news with all of you!! We hope you will join us in celebrating this amazing milestone!! AND it goes without saying, WE ARE HIRING!! SO if you’re in Canada and you’re interested in exploring any of the opportunities on our website please reach out! Or if you would simply like to learn more, please message any of our team members. We would love to have a conversation and tell you more about all the exciting things going on at Deviation Games!!

Exploring the studio’s website, it’s still unclear where Deviation Games Canada will land. Across the country, many hubs for video game development are thriving. Between Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and other cities, Deviation Games Canada has the opprotunity to attract and retain a lot of talent in its pursuit or releasing a new PlayStation 5 title.

Given that core members of Deviation Games has a background working on Call of Duty, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the studio is working on a new FPS IP. However, the studio could expand and tackle any number of genres.