Telus Plans to Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2025

Telus has today reaffirmed its “social purpose goals” for 2022 and beyond, detailing how it would tackle issues Canadians are facing today and in the future.


The carrier says it wants to inspire Canadians, customers, team members, and retirees across the country “to join us in creating a friendlier future for generations to come.”

Telus has also shared its goal to use 100% renewable energy over the next 4 years, noting that it plans to become 100% carbon neutral for its operations by 2030 and procure 100% of its electricity requirements from renewable or low-emitting sources by 2025.

The company has highlighted the following five social purpose goals:

  • Let’s make healthcare more accessible by providing care for 25 million Canadians.
  • Let’s make better quality food to help feed the 800 million hungry people around the world.
  • Let’s make opportunities equal by expanding our Connecting for Good programs to 3 million Canadians in need.
  • Let’s make our planet healthier by using 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  • Let’s make our communities stronger by giving $1.4B and counting.

“At Telus, leveraging our technology innovation and human compassion to improve the outcomes of our fellow citizens is foundational to our leadership in social capitalism,” said Telus President and CEO, Darren Entwistle.

“Guided by our social purpose, propelled by the passion of our team, we are striving to answer the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in health, education, agriculture, and the environment, helping to make the future a friendlier place for all Canadians.”

Since 2000, Telus says it has contributed $1.3 billion to charitable organizations in Canada, with its team members and retirees volunteering 1.3 million hours in their local communities this year alone.