Public Mobile, Chatr, Lucky Mobile All Offering 2GB Data Bonuses Again

CleanShot 2022 04 29 at 09 17 20

After launching a ‘flash sale’ on Wednesday earlier than usual (normally we hear about them on Fridays), Public Mobile’s 2GB data bonus (at 3G speeds) for six months for new activations on plans $35 and higher has been matched by its rivals.

New Public Mobile customers need to use the promo code 6MONTH2GB to get the 2GB data bonus offer that goes until May 2.

For Bell’s Lucky Mobile, the same flash sale also offers 2GB data extra for six months, on plans $35 and higher, until May 2.

Rogers’ Chatr also is offering 2GB data extra for six months on plans $35 and higher until May 2. With Chatr, after exhausting your original data amount, service will continue at “reduced speed”.

It’s likely pure coincidence that all three prepaid brands have the exact same promotion going on right now, yet again.

Previously, we saw Public Mobile offer its data bonus for new activations on plans $25 and higher, but this latest promo only applies to more expensive $35 and higher plans.