Sonos’ Upcoming New ‘Sub Mini’ Design Revealed in 3D Renders

With Sonos getting closer to releasing its highly anticipated smaller, more affordable wireless subwoofer, the folks over at The Verge have shared a 3D rendering that reveals the design of the company’s upcoming ‘Sub Mini.’

VRG ILLO 5226 Sonos Leak Pillbox 0

Back in November, Sonos spilled some details regarding the ‘Sub Mini’ calling it a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer,” which seems to match this new 3D render based on an image of the upcoming product. 

In contrast to the regular Sonos Sub’s rectangular cutout, the Sub Mini features an elongated, pill-shaped vertical cutout in the middle of the device. “Sonos seems to have settled on this both for functionality and as a design trait of sorts,” the publication says.

In the case of the Sub, there are acoustic ports on both sides, so it would follow that the Sub Mini will have a similar internal layout — albeit with smaller, less powerful components.

Features, specific release timing, and pricing details for the Sub Mini could not yet be learned, and the same goes for the hardware’s actual size and dimensions.

Sonos has not yet issued any official comment regarding the release of a Sub Mini subwoofer.