Sonos Looks to Be Prepping New ‘Sub Mini’ Subwoofer

It looks like Sonos is prepping to release a new Sub Mini to complement the company’s bigger current-generation subwoofer.

As posted on the Sonos subreddit, user u/S114HED spotted an unannounced product in the current setup process after selecting “More information” in the app, reads a new report from The Verge.

Alongside information on connecting a second subwoofer to your home theater, the guide states that a Sonos Sub Mini isn’t supported in the process.

The Sub Mini is a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer”, as opposed to the hulking 16kg Sonos Sub. Because of its smaller size and (presumably) lower power, the Sub Mini should also be cheaper than the $699 USD Sonos Sub.

That’s it for information, but it does seem to indicate the imminent launch of a new smaller Sonos subwoofer. It would be most welcome, considering that prices for the current Sonos Sub have been bumped up considerably in recent years.