Telus Says It Will Invest $34.5 Billion in B.C. and Alberta Through 2026

Telus announced on Tuesday announced it would be investing tens of billions into B.C. and Alberta through 2026, generating thousands of new jobs.

In B.C., Telus says it will invest $17.5 billion over the next four years towards “network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum,” while also generating 5,500 new jobs.

Telus will expand its PureFibre network to more homes including the rebuilding of fire-ravaged Lytton and Merritt, rollout its 3.5 GHz spectrum 5G network to more communities and also 5G multi-access edge computing for the enterprise. There are now over 1.6 million homes and business with access to PureFibre internet in B.C.

In Alberta, the company will invest $17 billion on the same over the next four years and create 8,500 new jobs.

“This generational $17 billion investment in Alberta is a true demonstration of TELUS’ long-standing commitment to improving the lives of Canadians by connecting communities from coast-to-coast with our world-leading wireless 5G and PureFibre networks,” said Darren Entwistle, President and CEO of TELUS, in an issued statement, echoing the same words for B.C. as well.

Telus says it will be investing $70 billion overall across Canada by 2026.