Google Adds Cut, Copy, and Paste Shortcut Support for Google Drive Across Multiple Chrome Tabs

Google has introduced the long-requested ability to use shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste in Google Drive on a browser.

In a WorkSpaces Update post, Google announced that shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste, in Google Drive are now being rolled out to users. However, there is a caveat to the feature. Users must be accessing Google Drive through Chrome in order for this feature set to be active.

For quite a long time, users have been vocal in wanting Google to support simple cut, copy, and paste shortcuts in Google Drive. Now, the company is finally making meaningful changes, adding such support. Now, users can simply use the ⌘ + C (or Ctrl + C on PC), ⌘ + X, and ⌘ + V shortcuts to copy, cut and paste Google Drive files.

This support will undoubtedly assist in saving the user’s time as they are now able to cut and paste files across multiple tabs. Google says a link to the file and its title are now captured when copying a file. This enables users to paste a file in a document or email easily.

Additionally, Google confirms that users can press ⌘ + Shift + V to create shortcuts for organizing files in multiple locations. This will avoid the need to create duplicate files.

Finally, the ⌘ + Enter shortcut can be used to easily view multiple files at once. It can also be used to easily organize files between two different folder locations across different tabs.

This feature has started its initial rollout phase and is available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts when using Google Chrome.