Petro-Canada More than Doubles its Electric Vehicle Charging Rates in Quebec

As reported by the folks over at Tesla North, Suncor-owned Petro-Canada has more than doubled its electric vehicle charging rates in Quebec. Charging rates in Quebec are now at $0.45 CAD per minute, up from $0.20 CAD.

Petro canada quebec

Since the company completed its coast-to-coast DC fast chargers (Level 3) back in January 2020, it has raised pricing in Quebec by 125%. The latest pricing increase has been in place since June 1, 2022, notes the source.

Tesla owners in Canada with CCS-adapter-enabled vehicles are able to charge at Petro-Canada EV chargers as well as at other CCS charging stations across the country.

Below are the full Petro-Canada EV charging rates:

  • Alberta – $0.33 per minute
  • British Columbia – $0.27 per minute
  • Manitoba – $0.33 per minute
  • New Brunswick – $0.25 per minute
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – time-based billing
  • Northwest Territories – time-based billing
  • Nova Scotia – $0.25 per minute
  • Nunavut – time-based billing
  • Ontario – $0.33 per minute
  • Prince Edward Island – time-based billing
  • Quebec – $0.45 per minute (was $0.20/minute)
  • Saskatchewan – $0.33 per minute
  • Yukon – time-based billing

For now, this current EV charging price hike from Petro-Canada has only been spotted in Quebec.