Telus to Spend $10 Million to Bring 5G, Broadband Internet to Haida Gwaii

Telus has just announced a $10 million investment to bring 5G connectivity and broadband internet to Haida Gwaii. The carrier has recently upgraded Mascon to a high-speed network that now provides access to speeds up to 120 Mbps in Daajing Giids and Skidegate.

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These investments build upon Telus’ Reconciliation Commitment and are critical to providing Indigenous Peoples with access to superior technology that connects them to the people, resources, and information that make their lives better.

“Our longstanding investments on Haida Gwaii are supporting critical, transformational change in respect to enabling online healthcare, education, and the ability to work from home or operate a local business and compete globally,” said Telus EVP Tony Geheran.

“When the pandemic hit we knew we needed to ensure our Elders were protected. When we approached Telus and Mascon by Telus, early in the pandemic they listened and worked with us as members of our community to support our iPads for Elders program, including enabling connectivity to 35 Indigenous and non-Indigenous Elders,” said Jisgang Nika Collison, Executive Director & Chief Curator of the Haida Gwaii Museum.

In May, Telus announced an investment of $17.5 billion in network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum across British Columbia over the next four years and committed to investing $70 billion overall across Canada by 2026.