Xbox’s Lastest Update Eases up DRM for Xbox One Discs, Enabling Offline Play

Microsoft has issued a new update that makes it easier to play games on Xbox Series X offline. The company is working towards lowering the barriers to its digital rights management (DRM) practices by easing up on the required online checks for Xbox One discs.

As reported by Windows Central, the latest 2208 update includes the ability to use an Xbox One disc on the Xbox Series X, install the game, and play without an internet connection. Strangely though, this isn’t listed as a new feature on the Xbox support page for the new build. However, Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie confirmed that this is an active feature thanks to the 2208 (amended by Marie) update.

Of course, some games may still require a day one patch. Once again, in this event, an internet connection is required in order to properly install it.

Since the launch of the Xbox One back in 2013, Xbox has been operating with some strict DRM policies. To play many games, a player would be required to have an active internet connection. Even if the game being played did not have online components and was installed and played off a disc, the DRM policy prevented offline play. These policies are in place in order to help manage and mitigate players illegally sharing content. In an online age, many DRM policies in place make sense to the business.

However, lowering the barrier for Xbox One discs is an improvement for the player. It’s worth noting that although Xbox is improving its DRM policies for the players, access to digital games whether purchased outright or via Xbox Game Pass or Games With Gold still requires an internet connection. The update also doesn’t apply to Xbox Series X-exclusive game discs. In this case, it’s important to double-check the listings on the box.

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