iPhone 14 Plus In-Store Pickup Begins as Launch Day Arrives

Today marks the official launch of Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus. Rounding out the new family of Phones, preorders for the iPhone 14 Plus should be arriving to users around the world. However, for those that didn’t pre-order, in-store pickup options are rolling out region by region.

Currently speaking, if you navigate to Apple’s website in Canada, you can find availability for all configurations of the iPhone 14 Plus. Thankfully, device shortages aren’t heavily affecting the fulfillment of new orders. Even for an iPhone 14 Plus with 512GB of storage, Apple is estimating a delivery timeline of a week. However, if you’re impatient and forgot to preorder, there is another option.

Regions around the world are now opening up in-store pickup. As this option becomes more readily available, users can select to pick up their device from a nearby Apple Store. Typically, rather than waiting a week or so, users can select same-day or next-day pickup.

As of the time of writing, Canada and the U.S. have not opened up in-store pickup options. However, It’s assumed that as the day progresses, this option will become available. Countries and regions across Europe have already begun enabling users to select this option. These countries include the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Do note that as you progress through your purchase, you’ll be asked to enter your postal code (or ZIP if you’re in the U.S.). Apple will then direct you to the most appropriate Apple Store location for pickup. You’ll then have the option to select a 15-minute window of time for pickup. You’ll then complete the purchase online. When picking up in-store, a government-issued ID may be required in order to validate the identity of who is picking up the order.

It’s worth pointing out that as the iPhone 14 Plus has officially launched, there is a small chance that an Apple Store may have available units for walk-in purchases. However, there’s virtually no guarantee which store has one available upon arrival. Though, this may be a last-ditch option for eager iPhone 14 Plus adopters today.

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