First iPhone 14 Plus Reviews, Unboxing Videos Hit the Web [Roundup]

Apple has lifted its embargo on the first reviews and unboxing videos of its new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus, which goes on sale this Friday, October 7, 2022.

Normally, Apple embargo reviews have been published in the early morning, but with Google’s Pixel 7 event set to start Thursday morning at 7am PT/10am ET, the iPhone maker might have fast-tracked its first reviews of the largest entry iPhone (just our hunch, anyways) to avoid the overlap.

The consensus of most reviews are saying the iPhone 14 Plus, as expected, is a bigger version of the iPhone 14 but with even more battery life.

Check out a roundup of some early iPhone 14 Plus reviews below:

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  • The Verge: Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: a big deal
  • Engadget: Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: It’s an iPhone, but bigger
  • Tom’s Guide: iPhone 14 Plus review: Big screen, smaller price
  • PCMag: Apple iPhone 14 Plus Review: Apple brings a big screen and stellar battery life to a more affordable price
  • Mashable: Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: Buy it for the battery life
  • Wall Street Journal: iPhone 14 Plus Review: Big Screen, Big Battery, Not-as-Big Price
  • The Street: iPhone 14 Plus Review: Bigger, Lighter, and Just as Fast
  • Pocket-Lint: Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: Is bigger better?
  • Tech Guide: iPhone 14 Plus review – hits the sweet spot with a large screen and great battery life
  • The Sun: iPhone 14 Plus review: I waited weeks to try ‘bigger’ – is it actually better?
  • CNBC: The iPhone 14 Plus wins on battery life and screen size, and is $200 cheaper than the Pro Max
  • SlashGear: Apple iPhone 14 Plus Review: The Bigger Display Decision
  • ZDNet: The iPhone 14 Plus proves the Pro Max really is for pros now

Check out the iPhone 14 Plus video reviews and unboxing videos below: