Amazon Alexa Smart Properties Aims to Empower Senior Canadians

For the first time, Amazon Canada will be bringing the Alexa voice assistant to senior living communities across Canada with the launch of Alexa Smart Properties.


Alexa Smart Properties enables senior living residents to keep in touch with their loved ones, connect with their community, access community news, and more, using Alexa via an Amazon Echo device in their room.

Family members and friends outside of the property also gain peace of mind knowing they can easily get in touch with residents through Alexa calling.

Alexa Smart Properties in senior living elevates residents’ quality of life in their communities by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected, while streamlining workflows to help communities save time and money. Alexa Smart Properties simplifies deploying and managing Alexa devices at scale.

Residents can more easily request property information and perform specific actions like, “Alexa, let my care team know I’m ready for lunch.”

They can also use Alexa to help them perform smart home actions using their voice, including “Alexa, turn on the light” or to stay connected to family and loved ones by asking things like “Alexa, call my grandkids.”

Administrators can access tens of thousands of Alexa skills, enabling them to tailor resident experiences by customizing community information like activity schedules and meal menus.

Alexa Smart Properties will debut in Canada (Orleans, near Ottawa, Ontario) with Amazon Canada solution provider Connected Canadians within the senior living community Bruyère Village.

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