SaskTel Launches 5G Network in Six More Rural Communities

SaskTel has today announced the expansion of its 5G wireless network to a number of communities in rural Saskatchewan, including the Town of Davidson and the Nekaneet First Nation.


SaskTel 5G is now available in the following rural communities of Saskatchewan:

  • Baildon
  • Craik
  • Davidson
  • Ituna
  • Turtleford
  • Nekaneet First Nation

“Our government recognizes how important wireless connectivity has become in the modern world, especially in rural areas and communities where more services are reliant on wireless networks,” said the Minister responsible for SaskTel, Don Morgan, in an emailed statement.

“I am extremely pleased with the work SaskTel is doing to bring their 5G wireless network to all corners of Saskatchewan, so that everyone benefits from this incredible technology,” he added.

Powered by Samsung, SaskTel’s 5G network can reach speeds of up to 1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) allowing customers to connect faster than ever before.

Future benefits of the 5G network once fully deployed will include incredible capacity and ultra-low latency, enabling new use cases for the latest wireless technology.

“As Saskatchewan’s homegrown communications provider, we’re firmly committed to ensuring our customers have access to the tools and technologies they need to connect to what matters most to them,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel President and CEO.

“The investments we’re making to rapidly expand our 5G wireless and fibre networks will ensure Saskatchewan remains one of the most connected regions in Canada.”

In order to connect to its 5G network, SaskTel customers need to be within a 5G coverage area, have a 5G capable device that is certified for use on the SaskTel 5G network, and subscribe to a 5G compatible wireless plan.