DoorDash Canada Shares 2022 End of Year Food Trends

DoorDash Canada has today released its 2022 End of Year Trends Report revealing the best and quirkiest food and ordering trends to come out this year.


DoorDash saw a variety of food preferences in 2022, from the healthiest eaters and coffee lovers to good pet parents, and the biggest spenders.

Torontonians tuned out to be the most indulgent eaters and biggest coffee lovers in Canada, ordering the most fries, fried chicken, chicken wings, and burgers this year.

Thunder Bay received the Biggest Couponer title, saving the most discount codes in 2022, and Cornwall took the top spot as Pet Parent, with the highest orders for pet essentials.

“Year-over-year, a trend we continue to see increase is Canadians’ love for food,” says Shilpa Arora, General Manager, DoorDash Canada.

“We’ve seen incredible support for local restaurants with an increase of takeout and pick-up options. With that comes a lot of interesting trends and consumer preferences that we’re excited to share with Canadians once again.”

Check out some of Canada’s biggest food trends for 2022:

  • Most Indulgent Eater: Torontonians enjoy a variety of cuisines and offerings, but when it comes to basics, like fries, fried chicken, chicken wings, and burgers, this city is the most indulgent eater.
  • Healthiest Eater: Vancouverites are the healthiest eaters in Canada, ordering the most salads, bowls, and lettuce wraps in 2022.
  • Shortest Delivery Distance Order: Less than half the CN Tower height, the shortest distance for a delivery order was 210 meters away.
  • Biggest Spenders: The most expensive order in 2022 was $2,761 in Outremont, Quebec, including 12x plates of kebabs, meat platters, and salads.
  • Healthy groceries: Bananas, eggs and milk top the list of grocery items ordered across Canada followed by strawberries and blueberries.
  • Biggest Couponers: Thunder Bay, Mississauga, and Saskatoon are the biggest savers, using the most discount codes offered on the platform this year.
  • Most Organized: Quebec City, Drummondville, and Winnipeg are the most organized eaters, planning the most orders in advance.
  • Good Pet Parents: Cornwall, Fredericton, and Ottawa are the best pet parents in Canada with the highest orders for pet essentials.

Biggest Spenders: Most Expensive Order in Canada was $2,761 in Outremont, Quebec.

Shortest Delivery: Shortest delivery distance was less than half the size of the CN Tower: 210 meters.

And here are the top 10 most-ordered midnight snacks in Canada for 2022.

  1. Chicken Nuggets
  2. Fries
  3. Poutine
  4. Chicken Wings
  5. Chicken Burgers
  6. Apple Pie
  7. Cheeseburger
  8. Spinach & Cheese Dip
  9. Chocolate Fudge Sundae
  10. Crispy Chicken

So what inspires your next DoorDash order? Let us know!