Spotify Joins Elon Musk in Blasting Apple for Being Anticompetitive

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has joined Elon Musk in calling out Apple in a series of tweets today, highlighting how the iPhone maker gives itself every advantage while stifling innovation and hurting consumers.


Ek mentioned a number of business leaders in his 21-tweet thread, including Musk, who recently criticized the fee Apple charges software developers for in-app purchases, including his Twitter business.

“So how much longer will we look away from this threat to the future of the internet? How many more consumers will be denied choice? There’s been a lot of talk. Talk is helpful but we need action,” Ek wrote in a follow-up tweet.

In the past, Spotify has submitted antitrust complaints against Apple in various countries, alleging the 30% charge has forced the music streaming company to inflate its prices.

Musk said earlier this week it is unlikely he’ll want to give 30 cents of every dollar Twitter makes through its planned subscriptions to Apple or Google.

Although Twitter has indefinitely delayed the relaunch of its $9.99 CAD Twitter Blue subscription with account verification, Musk has made it clear he wants to monetize the platform with subscriptions. Twitter’s advertising revenue has dipped significantly as of late, and the company is crunched for cash.

Last week, Musk made it clear that he will “make an alternative phone” if Apple or Google decide to kick Twitter off the App Store or Play Store.

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