Amazon Alexa Brings Hands-Free Experience to Audible App

Audible users’ hands-free experience to find and play content has gotten even better, thanks to a new feature that integrates Alexa voice commands with the Audible app.

Alexa audible

While listeners have long enjoyed Audible on Alexa-enabled devices, this development allows voice control right in the Audible app, enabling a much more hands-free experience.

Runners absorbed in a book can repeat a section without breaking stride, whereas cooks can leave their hands messy while pausing their listen to ask Alexa about their next ingredient.

Here’s how you can use Alexa in the Audible app:

  • Voice-activated control: Whenever the Audible app is open, users can give almost any listening voice command that Alexa understands. Alexa can easily be turned on and off in the app.
  • Multi-tasking ability: Listeners can interrupt a book to satisfy their curiosity (“Alexa, what kind of whale is Moby Dick?”), to multitask (“Alexa, set a 15-minute timer”), or to get assistance on the go (“Alexa, where is the nearest coffee shop?”).
  • Ease of use: While the Audible app is visible on the device’s screen, users can say “Alexa” to issue commands, so there’s no need to tap, swipe, or read text.

This feature is launching to iOS customers in Canada, the US, the UK, and Germany.