How to Track Edits in a Shared Keynote [VIDEO]

Apple’s official YouTube Support channel has shared another handy video, explaining how you can easily keep track of when someone updates a shared Keynote and what edits are made right from the Collaborate menu.


With iCloud, your Keynote presentations stay up to date on all your devices and you can collaborate on presentations with friends, family, and colleagues.

When you set up iCloud for Keynote, your Keynote presentations are stored in the cloud instead of locally on your device.

You can see them on any device that’s set up for iCloud and Keynote, including your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can also access your presentations in a web browser.

Because your presentations are in the cloud, changes you make on one device—like updating a title, deleting a slide, or adding the presenter’s notes—automatically appear on all your devices.

While sharing and collaborating on presentations:

  • If you delete a presentation stored in iCloud, it’s moved to a Recently Deleted folder on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and on
  • You can share presentations with friends, family, and colleagues who use iCloud.
  • You decide if the people you share with can edit the presentation or just view it.
  • You can also allow them to add other people. When collaborators make edits to a presentation, everyone sees those changes in real-time.
  • You can also share a presentation publicly so anyone can access it, even if they don’t use iCloud.

Learn how to track edits in a shared Keynote by watching the following video.

YouTube video

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