SpaceX Starlink App Gets ‘Sleep Schedule’

SpaceX has introduced a new ‘Sleep Schedule’ features in its Starlink app version 2023.03.0, which should help users save energy during sleeping hours (via Tesla North).


As spotted by Nathan Owens, the feature toggles a power-saving mode, causing the dish to report an outage reason as ‘Sleeping’ during the pre-set hours.

The latest Starlink app update also introduces a “cable ping drop rate,” that measures the drop rate between the Starlink dish and router.

When Sleep Schedule is enabled, the dish’s power drops from 35W to an average of 25W, using a DC-powered rectangular dish.

“If the average user turns sleep mode on for six hours per night, then that would equal roughly 21.9kW/hr saved per year. When multiplied by a million users, it results in a “massive carbon reduction.”

SpaceX also launched 56 Starlink satellites today via its Falcon 9 booster, with a payload weighing over 17.4 metric tons making it the heaviest payload ever flown on the latter.