New 2023 Sonos Speakers Named ‘Era’, Sonos Move 2 Coming: Report

Sonos era speaker concept

Image: The Verge; Sonos Era speaker concept

If you’re waiting for new Sonos speakers to launch in 2023, they are said to be coming soon, according to The Verge.

The site says 2023 Sonos speakers will be called the Era 100 and Era 300, expected to launch in the coming months. These speakers were previously codenamed Optimo and are said to be competing against other smart speakers from Apple (such as HomePod), and those from Amazon and Google.

The Sonos Era 300 is said to be a flagship smart speaker that will support spatial audio and Dolby Atmos, the company’s highest-fidelity speaker to date. Both the Era 300 and 100 will have new designs compared to their predecessors. Era 300 is said to support USB-C line in, Wi-Fi 6 and possibly Bluetooth, although final launch features may change.

The Era 100 might be the successor to the Sonos One (currently in gen 2), and may also have an Era 100 SL as well (no microphones like the Sonos One SL). This Era 100 lineup will reportedly include Dolby Atmos upfiring speakers.

All Era speakers are said to include automatic tuning so you won’t have to walk around waving your iPhone for Trueplay tuning (the Sonos Move features automatic tuning already).

These names were seemingly confirmed by home theatre accessory maker Sanus, which makes mounts for Sonos speakers such as the latter’s sound bars. The Sanus website details its Elite mount, described as an “Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount for Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 Speakers,” says The Verge.

Also, The Verge reports the Sonos Move second-generation is currently underway. This excellent portable speaker first debuted in 2019 and seems ripe for a refresh.

Currently, Sonos speakers are on sale for the Super Bowl—check them out here.