Google iOS App to Get Face ID to Protect Privacy, New SafeSearch Feature Coming

Google safesearch

Google announced a variety of privacy protections as part of yesterday’s Safer Internet Day, with one change affecting its Google app for iOS users.

The tech giant says the Google app for iOS will soon get Face ID support to protect the privacy of your app. When Face ID is enabled, that means the app is locked and prying eyes won’t be able to see your search history.

The Google iOS app already offers Incognito mode that will let users quickly erase the last 15 minutes of saved search history from their account.

Other privacy protections coming soon include a SafeSearch filtering setting to blur explicit images in Search results when SafeSearch filtering isn’t turned on. SafeSearch filtering is enabled by default for users signed-in that are under the age of 18. This new setting will be the default, with options to adjust it, says Google.