Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset to Now Debut at WWDC: Report

Image: Marcus Kane

If you have been following the developments of Apple’s rumoured mixed-reality headset, the latter’s spring debut has now been apparently delayed to the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

According to unnamed sources, the headset was said to debut in April, but that has been pushed to June. The delay is reportedly due to hardware and software kinks that still exist, with Apple deciding earlier this month to delay the product.

The Apple headset is said to come with a whopping $3,000 USD price tag, and in recent weeks has seen more involvement from company executive Dan Riccio, who is overseeing the project, set to go on sale this year.

The original timeline was to announce the headset in early spring, then elaborate more at the company’s event later in the summer for developers.

A new operating system codenamed xrOS will power the headset, which will offer a 3D view of an iPhone interface, with users able to pinch-and-zoom apps with their fingers, which sounds like a scene out of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report. Hardware includes an M2 chip, two 4K VR displays, and various cameras to offer augmented reality.

The device’s battery will be an external pack, to reduce the weight of the headset. A cable would run from the battery pack in your pocket to your head.

Apple also has plans for a second headset, which will be more affordable but lack some features and hardware, expected in 2024.