YouTube Kids Launching for Smart TVs, Game Consoles, and Roku

YouTube is expanding the YouTube Kids experience to more Smart TVs, game consoles, and Roku via an update to the main YouTube app, 9to5Google is reporting.

YouTube Kids

According to an email from YouTube, switching accounts on the main app across Smart TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, and Roku will launch a YouTube Kids experience for supervised accounts.

Currently, the full YouTube Kids app is only available for select Samsung and LG TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android/Google TV devices.

Here’s what the YouTube email reads:

“When using the YouTube app on a smart TV, streaming device, or gaming console, you will now be able to enter the safer, designed-for-kids YouTube Kids app through your child’s YouTube Kids profile. This change will be rolling out to families over the next few weeks.‌”

When on the Accounts tab, you can easily toggle between your profile and your child’s profile, which will take you directly into the YouTube Kids app — with your existing parental controls, content settings, and child’s preferences ready to go.

This means a seamless transition from your YouTube profile to your child’s YouTube Kids profile and less navigation with a remote.

To manage your YouTube Kids account, visit and select your child’s profile.