Crave Confirms Technical Difficulties with App

Crave has confirmed on Twitter that it is aware of the technical difficulties customers are experiencing with the app, and is working to resolve the issue.


“We understand the urgency of the matter and are working as fast as possible to resolve it. Thank you for your patience,” the company said in a Tweet.

The Tweet has since received countless replies, with Crave subscribers sharing their frustration on being unable to stream content using the app.

“At this point just gonna cancel my subscription and start streaming it online,” said one user.

“This happens every single week. Says I don’t have a subscription or my password is invalid when the sub is paid and password hasn’t changed!” another user replied.

Subscribers have been experiencing issues streaming content all Sunday, particularly those who use the Crave app. In reply to one user, Crave suggested using the web to stream the content while the issue gets resolved.

Update: According to Crave customer support, the issue has now been resolved.

Let us know if you’re still experiencing any problems streaming content via the Crave app.