Lifeline+ Now Available on Apple Arcade

Lifeline+ is now available to play on Apple Arcade. The text-based adventure title, developed by 3 Minute Games Inc., is the latest game to arrive on Apple’s subscription service.

Lifeline has amassed millions of fans since its initial launch. Now, Apple Arcade subscribers can enjoy the game at no extra cost. The game was written by Dave Justus, author of the acclaimed Fables: The Wolf Among Us comic book series. It was originally released in 2015, on iOS and Android.

Lifeline+ revolves around a character named Taylor, the sole survivor of a spaceship crash. Following the crash, Taylor reaches out to you, the player. They become Taylor’s only means of survival. Throughout the game, you must make decisions in order to help keep Taylor alive. Lifeline+ plays out in real time. Notifications and new messages are delivered throughout the day. Players will experiences Taylor’s story with delays between messages and stories, adding extra immersion when interacting with the character.

The original Lifeline became such a popular title on mobile that multiple sequels were developed. Following the first Lifeline, there have been eight sequels, including 2022’s Lifeline: Beside You in Time. Some of which are directly tied to the original game’s story. Others are loose spinoffs. However, each game revolves around the immersive use of text conversations.

In addition to the inclusion of Lifeline+, the weekly Apple Arcade update has included a ton of new content for existing titles. This includes:

  • Wylde Flowers — Welcome to the grand opening of Violet’s Boutique. Players can discover new clothing designs and craft new outfits for Tara. This update also adds an all-new Photo Mode feature.
  • Stitch. — Adds a new category along with brand-new hoops, and also a colorblind mode — which can be found in the Accessibility menu.
  • Simon’s Cat — Story Time — Continues the Vet Story episode with part 2, where players can join Simon, Ana, Cat, and that cheeky Cockatoo as they finish decorating the vet’s office. This update also adds 25 new levels.
  • Crayola Create and Play+ — Blast off into space in this update that adds a new zero-gravity space environment, along with new spaceship and planet-themed Craftables.
  • Star Trek: Legends — Play new hero Founder, from the Deep Space Nine series.
  • SP!NG — Dive into 18 fresh Rush levels.
  • Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector+ — Check out new costumes for rare cats, along with newly added Spanish language support.

Apple Arcade is available in Canada for $5.99 per month.