Netflix Begins Rolling Out Subtitle Customization for TV Users

Netflix is rolling out its subtitle customization feature to TV users. Enhancing this feature not only propels accessibility but enables all users to better tune their subtitle experience on TV platforms.

Moving forward, users will be able to better customize how subtitles look on screen. The new update, as reported by The Verge, lets users choose from three font sizes. Users can pick between small, medium, and large. Additionally, Netflix now enables users to choose style options. Subtitles can now appear as the default white text, have a drop shadow behind it, or have a yellow contrasting background.

Previously, these options were exclusively reserved for Netflix’s web option. The subtitle update has been rolling out globally. By now, most users should have access to it.

The new option is a big win for accessibility. Having the control to adjust font sizes and style can better ensure more viewers can enjoy the platform. For some, the default font size was too small. Additionally, there’s always a chance that the default white font style gets drowned out depending on what was on the screen.

On top of leveraging new subtitle options, Netflix supports closed captions on many programs. Additionally, the streaming service has begun to roll out a number of titles with Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH).

Across streaming platforms like Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount+, and now Netflix, users can change the style and size of their subtitles. With better accessibility support, more users can enjoy a wide array of streaming content.