SpaceX Starlink Deal: Save 54% Off Hardware in Canada

starlink roam canada sale

SpaceX has launched a limited-time offer for Starlink hardware in Canada, offering 54% off.

Normally priced at $759 CAD, Starlink hardware which consists of its dish and wireless router, is available for $350 in Canada, savings of $409, reports Tesla North. Monthly service costs for Starlink are $140 CAD per month.

SpaceX has also rebranded its Starlink RV service to Starlink Roam, offering a worldwide roaming option for U.S. customers at $200 USD per month. The company was testing this service as of February.

Recently, SpaceX launched Starlink “V2 Mini” satellites into orbit for the first time, its next generation of internet satellites, offering about four times the capacity of its predecessors.

SpaceX also has plans to debut two new satellite dish sizes for customers, with some as small as a MacBook Pro.