Apple Employee Award Signed by Steve Jobs on Sale for Nearly $100,000

An employee award autographed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been put up for sale for a whopping $95,000 USD, according to a report from TMZ (via 9to5Mac).

Earlier this week, an award plaque personally signed by Jobs was listed for sale on the rare goods website Moments in Time. While the website only lists the price of the autographed memorabilia as “On Request,” TMZ reported that the asking price is $95,000.

Image: Moments in Time

The item in question is a commemorative plaque awarded by Apple to former marketing executive Suzanne Lindbergh for her 10-year anniversary at the company in 2000. It was signed at the bottom by Jobs himself, and it is one of the very few employee awards to carry his autograph since Apple switched to facsimile signatures soon after.

The display’s plastic glaze has “Ten” elegantly etched in vertical italicized lettering. Framed and in fine condition, with some light rippling. Accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from PSA/DNA. This plaque was issued shortly after Jobs returned to Apple, and is one of few authentically signed examples- the company soon transitioned to facsimile signatures on the anniversary awards.

Lindbergh spent a total of 25 years at Apple, eventually becoming the company’s Worldwide Director of Buzz Marketing before leaving in 2013.

While $95,000 is a steep sticker price, anything with Jobs’ signature on it is worth a lot. In 2021, an Apple II manual signed by Jobs sold for a ludicrous $787,484 USD at auction. More recently, an Apple Computer cheque from 1976 and an Applesoft ROM chip signed by Jobs were auctioned off with an estimated value of $50,000 each, alongside a non-signed but factory-sealed original iPhone that fetched $54,904.

What’s more, the fact that Apple switched to facsimile signatures on its employee anniversary awards shortly after Lindbergh received this one, with Jobs’ handwritten autograph, further adds to its novelty and rarity.