Apple Music Library Bug Shows Playlists From Other Users

An Apple Music bug has surfaced online. Some users have reported that playlists from other users have mysteriously made their way onto their libraries within the Music app.

As first reported by MacRumors, a Reddit user under the name adh1003 reached out with a concern regarding Apple Music. The user contacted the outlet with a compilation of reports found online. 21 days ago adh1003 posted a thread on the Apple Music subreddit with the headline, “Can someone else add a playlist into your Apple Music playlists?”

Within this thread, multiple other reports dating back nearly a month all recount the same issue. This likely has to do with the rollout of iOS 16.3.1 in February. Users are seeing playlists they have not added to their libraries. To make matters worse and more concerning, these aren’t Apple-made playlists. Instead, they are very obvious playlists created by other users. In addition, some users are reporting that their own playlists have vanished and are being replaced by others.

Although this isn’t a full-scale issue, there are enough incidents surfacing online to make it a real concern. Naturally, this raises worries about the privacy Apple Music may or may not pose to its user base. For now, all incidents are localized within the Music app. There is no evidence suggesting that this cross-content phenomenon is breaching other Apple apps.

Many users claim to have reached out to Apple. As of the time of writing, the company has yet to formally address the matter. However, for those experiencing this issue, there does appear to be a chance to fix it from the user end. Apparently, the bug may stem from the Apple iCloud server. For some users, unsyncing iCloud for the Music app and resyncing it has worked. Though there’s no guarantee.

If you are experiencing this bug and would like to attempt this solution, navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Apple ID’. From there, go to ‘iCloud’ and ‘Show All’.