Snapchat Launches Augmented Reality Enterprise Services

Snapchat parent Snap has just announced the launch of its new AR Enterprise Services (ARES) to bring its world-class augmented reality (AR) tech to the enterprise.

Clothing try on jpg

With ARES, Snap is expanding its AR technology suite beyond Snapchat to customers’ apps and websites, to transform the way they engage with consumers.

The first ARES solution called “Shopping Suite” brings together Snap’s AR technology and AI-generated fit & sizing recommendations into a cohesive service.

Shopping Suite supports fashion, apparel, and accessories, and includes the following elements:

  1. AR Try-On: Shoppers can try on new styles of clothing, footwear, and accessories in real-time through our immersive features.
  2. 3D Viewer: An interactive visualization tool that allows shoppers to see every angle and detail of a product.
  3. Fit Finder: An AI-enabled technology to give shoppers fit and sizing recommendations tailored to their unique body shape and size.
  4. Enterprise Manager Backend: An infrastructure and backend system to manage and create AR, making it simple to utilize Snap’s SDKs.
  5. Hands-on Integration Services: Snap’s in-house team will help clients implement these solutions seamlessly.

Snap AR Enterprise

“Over the last decade, we’ve been hard at work bringing fun and personal AR experiences to Snapchatters,” said Snap’s head of ARES Jill Popelka.

“We look forward to making the shopping experience more delightful for consumers and transforming businesses around the world with AR Enterprise Services.”

Early customers include the following retailers:

Since January 2021, more than 250 million Snapchatters have engaged with AR shopping Lenses more than 5 billion times.