Eve Systems Debuts Matter-Ready Smart Home Tech and Updates

eve systems matter devices

Eve Systems, a pioneer in the Matter smart home standard, has announced the launch of their first Matter-enabled devices, starting with the smart plug Eve Energy.

The Matter-enabled models for North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom are available now, with Eve Motion and Eve Door & Window arriving on April 17th.

Existing users of the latest HomeKit and Thread-enabled models will be able to upgrade their devices to Matter for free using the Eve app for iPhone and iPad, starting from April 17th.

“Today, after a remarkable effort of our teams, we’ve come full-circle and put the first Eve Energy in customers’ hands that not only carries a Matter badge but also certification by the major smart home platforms,” said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

Matter-enabled Eve devices can be controlled by the entire family, regardless of whether they use an iPhone, Android device, or their favourite voice assistant. These devices utilize Thread network technology, offering a reliable smart home experience.

An Eve spokesperson told us the Eve Android app “remains in development.”

Eve Energy, Eve Motion, and Eve Door & Window will offer ease of use, advanced security, and UL-certified build quality, says the company.

The Matter-enabled Eve Energy is available now for $54.95 CAD, while Eve Motion and Eve Door and Window will be available for $69.95 CAD starting April 17, explained an Eve spokesperson to iPhone in Canada.

Existing Thread-enabled Eve device users will be eligible for a free firmware upgrade that can be installed via the Eve app for iPhone and iPad, set to release on April 17, 2023.