Microsoft May Launch its New Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan Soon

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan may be rolling out soon as a new ad driving users to the service has been spotted.

On Twitter, Xbox player Jawmuncher posted a new ad that appeared on their console. While regionally set to New Zealand following a trip, Jawmuncher’s consoles shows a new ad not previously seen on Microsoft’s hardware. The ad, which was shown on the Xbox dashboard, highlights the perks of the plan as well as the pricing.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan enables Ultimate perks for up to five players on one bundled subscription. Per the ad, it appears as though it’ll be available for a monthly price of $39.95. It’s still unknown whether this is in NZD or USD. If the pricing is indeed in USD, that would indicate that it could launch at aroind $54.13 CAD each month. In comparison, a single monthly subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for $16.99 in Canada. Thus, if five players were to subscribe normally, that’d come up to $84.95 each month. Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family could provide the same perks for a fraction of what players are spending on their own.

The ad also highlights many stipulations and quereries players may have prior to signing up. The added friends and family to the subscription can be outside your household. All members do have to be located in the same country. With benefits to Game Pass Ultimate across console PC, and mobile, all members of the plan gain access to over 100 games in the library. Each member has their own library, Achievements, and cloud saves. Plus, access to Xbox Cloud Gaming is also enabled.

Microsoft first announced the plan last year. In August, Microsoft revealed Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family with a pilot program in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. However, the company remained silent on when a wider rollout may occur.

Currently, other users seeing the same ad haven’t come forward. This could mean that Microsoft still isn’t ready to rollout the new subscription model. However, earlier this week, Microsoft quietly killed off the $1 promotion for players signing up for their first month of the service. This could indicate that a new promotion may be launched in conjunction to Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family.