Freedom Mobile Pauses New Home Internet Activations, Starting Today

freedom home internet

After completing the acquisition of Freedom Mobile from Shaw yesterday, new parent company Quebecor sent an internal memo to employees regarding home internet activations.

According to documents seen by iPhone in Canada, Quebecor explains new Freedom Home Internet (FHI) activations will be paused until further notice, due to the ongoing transition of business ownership.

Freedom Mobile stores are being instructed that new Freedom Home Internet activations will not be possible on April 4, 2023. New activations for FHI are expected to resume at a later date, which will be communicated to employees. Freedom first started offering home internet back in 2019.

Existing Freedom Home Internet customers will not be affected by this change and will continue to receive their current service. Any pending Direct Fulfillment orders will also continue to be processed. In the event of any buyer’s remorse or equipment return requests, customers can engage with customer care via Live Messaging for support, as usual, says the document.

The memo also states that Freedom Mobile is working on rebuilding its Freedom Home Internet product, and exciting changes are coming.

The Freedom Mobile team has asked employees to position this to customers who come into stores asking for Freedom Home Internet activations. They’re being coached to inform customers of “exciting changes” and to take down contact info to relay future updates.

Employees have been instructed to look out for further updates from Quebecor regarding the resumption of Freedom Home Internet activations. Previously, home internet for Freedom Mobile was from Shaw, but now that the latter is no longer associated, a transition period is in effect.

An earlier memo sent out yesterday detailed a FAQ for Freedom Mobile and the transition to Quebecor’s Videotron, while also noting a free data bonus is coming for existing customers.