Microsoft Teams: Join Meetings from Apple CarPlay Calendar View Now Available

Microsoft teams carplay calendar view

Microsoft Teams has rolled out an update to its iOS app to now support the joining of meetings from the new meetings view on Apple CarPlay.

The company first announced this feature back in mid-February, saying it would roll out in mid-March. An update to the Microsoft Teams iOS app yesterday now mentions, “Join meetings from calendar view on Apple CarPlay,” so it’s now official.

What does this mean? Microsoft Teams on iOS has a new calendar view for Apple CarPlay. When in the car, you can now tap your meeting in this calendar view to join a meeting, saving you time.

“Tapping the Teams icon will bring users to the new calendar view where they can see upcoming meetings for that day, see progress bars indicating meeting progress, and an icon on the right indicating Teams online meetings that they can join via CarPlay,” explained Joao Ferreira in February.

For workers that are travelling by car, joining a Teams meeting from CarPlay is convenient as there’s no need to fumble with your iPhone. Now it’s even easier to one-tap from your calender view to join a meeting while on the road or in the car.  Microsoft launched Apple CarPlay support back in December 2020.