Some Telecoms Waiving Data Overages Due to Ice Storm Outages [u]

telus videotron overages

With parts of Ontario and Quebec affected by an ice storm, TV, Internet, home phone and some wireless outages are ongoing, including 911 services.

Now, some telcos have started to waive data overages due to the ice storm, specifically Videotron and Telus.

“If you are a Videotron Internet customer and also have a mobile plan with us, and your Internet access is currently interrupted, you can go over your mobile data limit to cover your urgent needs during the outage and you will not be charged,” said Videotron on Thursday.

“You do not need to contact us. You will automatically be credited and the adjustment will appear on your bill at the next billing cycle (April-May),” added the Quebecor-owned company.

Telus said this afternoon, “following the widespread power outages and severe weather conditions in parts of Quebec and Ontario, we’re offering our full support to those affected.”

“Along with waiving data overage fees, providing emergency kits and donating $25,000 from TELUS @FriendlyFuture Foundation to local food banks, we’re also working around the clock to ensure everyone stays connected to their friends and family during this time of need. Generators have been deployed and we’re boosting coverage on select sites to minimize the impact to connectivity. Stay safe out there everyone,” said Telus.

Earlier today, Canada’s industry minister said he was “monitoring” these internet and cellular outages closely.

We reached out to Bell and Rogers to see if they’ll be waiving data overages as well, but did not hear back yet. We’ll update this post accordingly.

Update April 7, 2023: Rogers announced on Friday morning it will be waiving data overages from April 4-16 proactively, with no action needed by customers.