Apple Faces Public Hearing for New Offices in Cupertino

Apple’s plans to demolish an existing office building in its home city of Cupertino, California, and replace it with a new, larger structure with even more office space will be the subject of a public hearing next week — reports 9to5Mac.

The building is one of several auxiliary offices Apple has around Cupertino, in addition to the tech giant’s Apple Park headquarters. Located at 19191 Vallco Parkway, this particular office building is referred to as Apple VP1. Apple wants to demolish the existing building and instead construct a more contemporary structure that would offer just over twice the floor space.

Cupertino’s planning commission has already recommended that Apple be allowed to move forward with the redevelopment. In addition, the project has also qualified for an expedited approval process.

Apple requires three permits to begin work on the site, including a Development Permit, Architectural and Site Approval, and a Tree Removal Permit. Next week, local residents will have the opportunity to voice any objections they may have to Apple’s plans before the city approves them.

“The City of Cupertino will be holding a public hearing regarding the redevelopment of an Apple office property located at 19191 Vallco Parkway, APN 316-20-117,” the local government said in a reminder for the hearing sent out on Thursday, April 6.

“The proposal is for a Development and Architectural and Site Permit for the redevelopment of an approximate eight-acre site.” According to the reminder, the hearing will take place at the Cupertino Community Hall on Thursday, April 13, at 4 p.m. local time.

Per the memo, Apple’s plans for the building entail:

  • demolishing an existing 141,024 square foot office building
  • replacing it with a four-story 282,320 square foot building
    • 280,020 square feet of office space
    • 2,300 square feet of commercial space
  • detached parking structure
  • associated site improvements
  • Tree Removal Permit to allow the removal and replacement of 113 trees

If its redevelopment plans are approved, Apple has committed to safely removing the trees at the site, temporarily transplanting them elsewhere, caring for them, and then moving them back to the new office.

Earlier this year, Apple purchased a massive office and research complex in Cupertino that the company had been leasing since 2011.