Substack Believes Supression on Twitter is Now Over, Despite Not Showing in Searches

Substack has been having a tumultuous week on Twitter though believes that the suppression of outbound links to the platform is now over. However, despite showing optimism for the future, Twitter continues to hide the account from searches.

Last week, it was reported that Twitter began disabling likes, retweets, and replies to tweets containing links to Substack. For those attempting to interact with a tweet containing an outbound link, users received the message, “Some actions on this Tweet have been disabled by Twitter.” However, this error appears to have been mitigated. The Substack Twitter account states, “We’re glad to see that the suppression of Substack publications on Twitter appears to be over.”

The account continues to offer some optimism of how Twitter and Substack can flourish and not be mutually competitive. “We believe that Twitter and Substack can continue to coexist and complement each other,” the account tweets. “We look forward to making Substack Notes available soon, but we expect it to be a new kind of place within a subscription network, not a replacement for existing social networks.

Although Substack is providing some encouraging words, Twitter is continuing to suppress the email, blog, and newsletter platforms. By searching “Substack” on Twitter, we can see that the searches redirect to those including “newsletter” only. There’s no search result to bring official Substack tweets to the results page or other tweets referencing Substack. Substack can’t be found in the ‘People’ tag either.

Third-party developers have been continually struggling to keep up with Twitter’s erratic changes to policies and measures. Twitter has attempted to ban users from promoting rival platforms on Twitter via outbound links. Twitter attempted to remove content from Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr and Post. However, this policy was quickly reversed due to the reception.

Currently, there’s no resolution for Substack’s woes. In order to find the account and keep up to date with its tweets, you’ll have to follow the account or have access to a direct link.