SkipTheDishes Debuts AI Tool to Help Canadians Save Money

Called The Inflation Cookbook, a new AI-powered inflation-fighting meal planning tool is being introduced by SkipTheDishes and Skip Express Lane to help Canadians eat healthy for less.


With real-time pricing data from across the country, the tool tracks the top ten food items trending upwards and downwards in price.

It then uses the power of AI to curate seven healthy recipes that consumers can create using the best-priced items from that week for cost-effective meals.

The Inflation Cookbook is accessible through a mobile-friendly web browser and tracks over 400 items including produce, whole grains, dairy items, and select proteins.

Inflation cookbook

“As a proud Canadian company, we understand the important role we play in creating positive change for our industry, our communities, and our environment,” says interim CEO Steve Puchala.

“In the face of rising food costs in Canada, Skip is committed to continuing to fight food insecurity by expanding our partnership with Food Banks Canada.”

Inflation Cookbook users can also customize their experience based on their household size and grocery budget and are offered ingredient substitutions to account for dietary restrictions and maximize savings.