Best Internet Providers in Canada 2023: Rogers, Telus, Bell Compared

Ontario canada fixed broadband

Opensignal released its first Canada Fixed Broadband Experience report yesterday, detailing its analysis of internet providers in Canada.

The report analyzed fixed high-speed networks and rate them on six measures, such as broadband success rate, consistent quality, video experience, download speed, peak download speed and upload speed.

The study showed that broadband download speeds in Canada ranges from 10.9-165.5Mbps, while the broadband peak download speed ranges from 36.2-597.2 Mbps.

As expected, fibre users have the highest scores across most regions. Non-fibre users on Bell and Telus have the lowest scores in most metrics across the regions where they are present.

In Quebec, Bell Fibre outshines Telus Fibre across all six metrics, while Telus Fibre dominates the competition in Alberta’s broadband experience with the highest or tied-for-highest scores in five out of six metrics.

Rogers users enjoy the fastest broadband download speeds in the Atlantic provinces, with speeds averaging 159.1Mbps, beating Eastlink and Bell Fibre by 38.6-45.4% in broadband download speed.

Meanwhile, Shaw tops the list for broadband video experience in Manitoba, and leads over Bell MTS in all three speed categories of broadband download speed, broadband peak download speed, and broadband upload speed by impressive margins.

Telus touted on Friday its outright wins from Opensignal for Consistent Quality, Video Experience and Upload Speed in B.C. and Alberta, as well as its first place in B.C. for Broadband Success Rate.

The company tied for first in B.C. and Alberta for Peak Download Speed, and tied for first in Alberta for Broadband Success Rate. The company said the Opensignal results “demonstrate TELUS’ network dominance in Fixed Broadband in Western Canada.”

“Canadians continue to value a fast, reliable connection and the consistent recognition from independent, third-party organizations, such as Opensignal, reinforces the superiority of TELUS’ world-leading broadband networks,” said Darren Entwistle, President and CEO of Telus, in an issued statement.

Bell and Telus Fibre users dominate the results across most metrics in most regions, concluded Opensignal.