Rogers to Bring Outsourced Shaw Jobs Back to Canada

Rogers announced on Monday it plans to bring back outsourced Shaw customer service jobs back to Canada, part of the company’s pledge to have a 100% Canadian-based customer service team.

The jobs will be relocated to British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba, ensuring all customer interactions by phone or online chat are handled by Canadian-based employees.

“As a proud Canadian company, we’re committed to investing in Canada,” said Tony Staffieri, President and CEO of Rogers, in a statement. He emphasized that bringing these jobs back to the country will allow customers to be served by a team with deep knowledge of Rogers’ products and services, as well as strong connections to local communities.

Following the completion of Rogers’ merger with Shaw on April 3, the repatriation of jobs has already begun. Customer care roles are expected to be in place by Canada Day, with the full transition completed by Q3 2023.

Rogers emphasized it is the only national telecommunications provider with 100% Canadian-based call centers since 2020 and remains the sole national carrier dedicated to having its entire customer service team based in Canada.

The company said it also plans to hire 1,000 customer service representatives across the country.

The merger approved by the federal government was seen as a controversial move by critics, which cited lowering of competition and increased prices for customers. Rogers has seemingly responded to the negative press by acquiring BAI Canada to bring wireless coverage to the TTC subway, and now stoking patriotic flames to have repatriated customer service teams back and ready on Canada Day.

The Rogers-Shaw merger now sees Calgary as its new Western Canadian headquarters, where Shaw was based.