WhatsApp New Features: Custom Stickers from Apple Photos and More

whatsapp messenger april 2023

WhatsApp has updated its iPhone app today to introduce a new feature for custom stickers for Apple users, building upon some other new features introduced last week.

The Meta-owned messaging app says you can now create your own custom stickers using photo cutouts from Apple Photos. The latest iOS 16 update lets you tap and hold on a photo to create a photo cutout. We’re not seeing this yet in Canada (or can’t figure out how to do it, let us know in the comments).

Also announced last week is the increased group participant limit to 1,024 people, plus the ability to easily see groups in common when you search for contacts.

WhatsApp also says group admins can now control who joins groups, with a new toggle in settings to “Approve new participants.”

The company says these features will “roll out over the coming weeks”. The update today is version 23.7.82.

Back in February, WhatsApp added support for iOS picture-in-picture, so you can multitask during a call without your video being paused.

Click here to download WhatsApp for iOS in the App Store (where’s our iPad app, WhatsApp?).