Twitter Removes Legacy Verified Checkmarks, But Some Remain for Free

twitter blue hero

Twitter made it clear they were removing legacy verified checkmarks from profiles today, and the company did just that.

The move pushes Twitter users towards the Twitter Blue service that costs $10 CAD per month, or $105 CAD per year ($8.75/month) when purchased on the web (it’s more expensive on iOS and Android due to App Store commissions).

We can confirm our own @iPhoneinCanada legacy verified checkmark was removed today.

While most legacy checkmarks have been eliminated today (some people were able to just purchase them in the past with Twitter hookups), Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed he’s personally paying for some celebrities to retain their checkmarks.

William Shatner, LeBron James and Stephen King still have their verified checkmarks. All three previously voiced concerns about not paying for Twitter Blue once the checkmarks disappeared.

Musk confirmed he is personally paying for “just” these three accounts to retain their checkmarks on Thursday evening.

When King questioned why his checkmark remained, Musk replied, “You’re welcome namaste”.

“On Twitter 1.0, the blue check system served as a de facto caste system. Now it’s an honest way to pay for the edit button and better protection vs. impersonation, rather than a symbol of status,” said Jay Bhattacharya, Professor Stanford School of Medicine. “Strange that so many people nominally committed to egalitarian principles are upset that the old system is gone…”

Musk replied, “fate loves hypocrisy.”

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