Apple to Debut 32-inch and 42-inch OLED Displays by 2027: Report


  • Apple will reportedly launch products with 32-inch and 42-inch OLED panels in 2027.
  • The display panels will use WOLED or next-generation QD-OLED technology.
  • It’s unclear if the 32-inch and 42-inch displays will be destined for an iMac, an external display, or both.

Apple will launch products with 32-inch and 42-inch display panels that use WOLED or next-generation QD-OLED technology sometime in 2027, according to tech research firm Omdia (via MacRumors).

Per Omdia, Apple will transition almost all of its iPad, MacBook, and external display product lines to OLED displays by 2027.

Omdia’s latest OLED display forecasts estimate that shipments will rise from 9.7 million units in 2022 to 70 million units in 2028. A major chunk of this growth will apparently be driven by Apple’s expected transition to OLED displays for products beyond the iPhone, which has been using OLED panels since 2017’s iPhone X.

Before the larger OLED displays in 2027, Omdia expects Apple to start using OLED panels for the iPad with next year’s iPad Pro models, backing up previous rumours that detailed a similar timeline. Omdia said that Apple’s first OLED MacBook Pro will follow in 2026.

The report also hinted at a 20-inch foldable iPad Pro with an OLED screen, and recent speculation suggests Apple is working on a slightly smaller, 13.4-inch OLED MacBook Air as well.

As for the 32-inch and 42-inch OLED panels coming in 2027, it’s unclear what products they will show up in. External displays like a Pro Display XDR successor certainly make sense (the current Pro Display XDR has a 32-inch screen), but one or both of the panels could also be destined for a future iMac model.