Google Authenticator 2FA Codes Can Now Sync to the Cloud

Google authenticator cloud

Google has announced an update to its Authenticator app, available for both iOS and Android devices, that now allows users to securely backup their one-time codes (also known as one-time passwords or OTPs) to their Google Account.

This update addresses the long-standing issue of users losing access to their 2FA-enabled services when their devices with Google Authenticator installed are lost or stolen.

Previously, one-time codes in Authenticator were stored exclusively on a single device, resulting in users being locked out of their accounts when the device was lost. The new update resolves this problem by securely storing the one-time codes in users’ Google Accounts, improving both convenience and security.

Google has been actively working on various secure authentication options, including Google Password Manager, which securely saves passwords and streamlines sign-ins on Android and Chrome, and Sign in with Google, allowing users to sign in to sites or apps using their Google Account.

Furthermore, Google has been collaborating with industry partners and the FIDO Alliance to develop more secure and convenient authentication solutions, such as passkeys.

Users can access the updated Authenticator with Google Account synchronization by updating the app and following the prompts.

Google remains committed to creating and sharing secure and convenient offerings for users and developers across the web, explained Christiaan Brand, Group Product Manager, on Monday.

Also new today? Google Authenticator gets a new icon and illustrations that are “more modern and user-friendly”, while there are improved UX and visuals, says Google.

This is a great update and it now makes retaining OTPs easier if you ever lose your smartphone, or it gets stolen. Chalk this up as a ‘finally’. But one easier way is to set up your OTPs inside 1Password, as that’s our preference.

You can download Google Authenticator below:

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