Twitter’s ‘Community Notes’ Expands Beyond the Platform

Community notes twitter

Twitter has announced an expansion of its Community Notes feature, allowing users to view notes on Tweets embedded in articles and websites outside of the platform. This update aims to provide more context and accurate information to readers wherever they encounter Tweets.

The Community Notes feature enables users to collaboratively add helpful context to Tweets that may be misleading. Contributors, who are regular Twitter users, write and rate notes on Tweets, with the system’s effectiveness relying on the participation of a diverse range of users.

“Community Notes outside of Twitter! You’ll now see notes on Tweets that are embedded in articles and websites, so you can get more context wherever you’re reading Tweets,” said Twitter on Friday afternoon. “Thanks to those of you who requested this — we appreciate the feedback and suggestions,” added the social network.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk replied, “good idea.”

To ensure notes are helpful to a broad audience, the feature does not operate on majority rules. Instead, notes require agreement between contributors who have previously disagreed with their ratings, preventing one-sided opinions from dominating.

With this expansion, Twitter aims to offer better-informed content for users, even when they are reading Tweets outside the platform. The company believes that giving people a voice to make collective choices is a fair and effective way to provide accurate information.

As part of Twitter’s commitment to transparency, all Community Notes contributions are published daily, and the ranking algorithm is open for inspection by anyone. This approach allows users to better understand how the feature works and actively shape its development.