BeReal Debuts ‘RealPeople,’ a Feed of World’s Most Famous People

BeReal has just announced the launch of ‘RealPeople,’ a curated timeline of famous people offering real, unfiltered glimpses into their daily lives.


The feed features the world’s most captivating personalities, spanning top athletes, artists, activists, and a diverse range of other individuals.

RealPeople aims to dispel the notion that public figures live in an ‘unreal’ world. For instance, you might discover that you and your favorite media personality share a love for the same song.

“RealPeople is our next step in trying to help bring out all of the things we enjoy about a connected human experience,” says the company.

The developers are also making it clear that RealPeople is not focused on influencing or gathering likes and comments. It will not show any photoshopped pictures, product endorsements, or hidden ads.

“It’s trying to show we’re all more alike than we think.”

How to Access RealPeople in BeReal

Simply go to the Discovery tab in BeReal, and select RealPeople to get started. Upon launch, you will be able to interact with posts in the following ways:

  • React to a Post: You can only react using the RealMoji, and that’s the only thing you’ll see on a RealPeople BeReal.
  • Hide a post: Although anyone on BeReal can see the posts on RealPeople, you’ll have the option to hide accounts from your timeline.
  • Report a post: Lastly, you can report a post shared on the RealPeople timeline by clicking ‘Report this BeReal.’

BeReal is launching the new RealPeople timeline starting with the UK, where the feed will fully populate over the next couple of days. The new feature is expected to expand to Canada and beyond in the near future.

Amid the app’s growing popularly, Instagram has recently rolled out the ability to share what it calls ‘Candid Stories,’ which may believe is a BeReal-clone feature.