Facebook’s Latest Feature Brings Seamless Video Scrolling

Facebook has just announced new ways to discover short-form videos that are more relevant to users, as well as new personalization controls for Reels.

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Strarting today, Facebook is making it easier for users to discover Reels across the app by adding them to the main navigation at the top of Facebook Watch.

“We want to make it easier for people to discover and enjoy short-form videos on Facebook,” notes the social media giant.

“By adding Reels to the main navigation of Facebook Watch, users can quickly access the videos they love and discover new content that matches their interests.”

In addition to Reels being more prominently featured on Facebook Watch, users will now be able to seamlessly scroll between Reels and long-form videos on the platform.

The move comes as Facebook continues to prioritize video content, especially the Reels, as video platforms like TikTok continue to gain popularity.

New facebook reel controls

New Personalization Controls for Reels

To further personalize the Reels experience, Facebook has added a “Show More” or “Show Less” option to help users inform the types of reels they’ll see more or less of.

You can access these options by tapping the three-dot menu at the bottom of the video player. It will also appear below reels and videos in users’ Watch feeds.

Selecting “Show More” on a reel will temporarily increase its ranking score and for reels like it, while selecting “Show Less” will temporarily decrease its ranking score.

Additionally, Facebook is introducing new contextual labels on the Reels video player to explain why users are seeing certain reels. This will help users understand why a specific reel was recommended to them.

“We want reels to reflect your interests – to help you explore what you enjoy now, while also helping you discover interests, creators and communities you’ll love going forward,” says Facebook.

The latest updates are now rolling out to all Facebook users worldwide.