Rogers Unlimited Wireless Plans Get ‘Online Only Offer’ Pricing

rogers online only pricing

Rogers recently updated their website to now show their unlimited data plan pricing as “online only offers”.

Here’s what’s showing right now on the Rogers website:

  • Infinite Essential – $85/25GB (up to 250 Mbps speeds)
  • Infinite Extra – $95/50GB (up to 1 Gbps speeds)
  • Infinite Premium – $105/100GB (up to 1 Gbps speeds)

These three plans now show an “online only offer” label. That means they are now more expensive when signing up for them in stores.

According to a Rogers store we spoke with, these same plans cost $90, $100 and $110 per month when you sign up for them at stores, or $5/month extra.

As of writing Bell has similar plans for $85/25GB, $95/50GB, but its 100GB plan is at $110 per month, all at their “fastest available 5G+ speeds”. However, Bell also has a $10/month credit for 24 month for all of these plans right now, making them cheaper than fellow rivals.

Telus has unlimited data plans at $85/25GB, $90/50GB ($5 cheaper than Rogers and Bell) and $100/100GB ($5 cheaper than Rogers), all 5G+ plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Rogers is the only wireless carrier right now limiting the 25GB plan speeds at up to 250 Mbps. Expect that limitation to be removed sometime in the future to match Telus and Bell.

For those seeking unlimited data with Rogers, signing up online seems to be the only way to save a few bucks, if you’re willing to drop at least $85 per month.