Reddit Revamps Tools to Share Content on iOS and Android

Reddit has launched a new update, refining the ways users can share content on iOS and Android. Now, users can not only better share content via iMessage but also via Instagram Stories and through other means.

Announced via a blog post, Reddit understands that users desired a more streamlined method of sharing content with friends, family, and on social media. In working towards that goal, Reddit has developed new ways to share through the native app.

To share text posts, Reddit now includes an updated ‘Shared link’ preview. On iMessage or other messaging services, the shared post now appears as a visual preview of the content. Additionally, the preview links also highlight the subreddit name, the post’s creator, and total upvotes and comments.

Meanwhile, users can now share content directly from Reddit to Instagram Stories. While the tried and true method of screenshotting a thread or comment can still be made, Reddit is introducing a more direct method. Users can now hit the ‘Instagram Stories’ icon when sharing. Within Instagram Stories, users will be able to post a preview of the content. Once again, this displays the core comment, username of who posted it, total upvotes and comments, etc.

Additionally, Reddit is introducing a custom ‘share sheet’, which features the Redditor’s most used sharing channels. Through this, users will have a more streamlined way to share content with their desired apps and channels without having to leave the Reddit app.

Finally, Reddit is introducing a new one-tap screenshot-sharing feature. Using this, Redditors can share content without having to save a screenshot to their device. Instead, users can share the screenshot as well as a link back to the content as well.

These new features along with a new toolbox are rolling out to users across mobile ecosystems. Ensure your device is running the most recent version of the app to test out the new sharing features.